Best Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow – 2019

When we speak of wheelbarrows, we immediately think of gardening and gardeners hauling dirt, seeds, and shovels. But these things are handy in much more than just “Gardening.” People even tow around the construction debris, equipment and all types of heavy stuff on these tool carts.

Whether you are planning on indulging in a bit of gardening or carrying the heavy concrete load around, you need to get yourselves the ideal tool. But therein lies a problem. We seldom have a clear idea about what a wheelbarrow is and how to get the best one for us to use.

That is why this elaborate article will give you a clear idea about the wheelbarrow, how you can get one and I’ll also recommend a few brands that you can choose from.
Wheelbarrow Definition: What is This Tool and Where it is to be Used?

In the simplest of terms, we can define wheelbarrow as, “A tool with one leg at front and another one or two at the back.” People also have handles that allow them to carry this tool around.
Most of the times, a wheelbarrow is used in garden gigs as you might find out in various wheelbarrow reviews. So, buyers judge a device such as this on the basis of its performance in the garden.
But, it comes handy when you want to tow some essential tools and load around the house too. It depends on how you decide to use it. Also, there are some wheelbarrows that are meant for kids.
Kids will have fun learning how to go about gardening and other chores through these “Toy-like” tools. I’ll discuss various options latter as far as these carts go towards the last segment of this article.

We use Wheelbarrow to clean the garden and remove the dirt. But when the water is frozen, the wheelbarrow is difficult to use. Just as water is needed to save people’s life, water-like quantity is very important for the garden. Keep an eye on the to know how good it is for people to drink water.

Top Ten Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow Reviews list

1. WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart

The WORX Aerocart is a multifunction wheelbarrow. It can be easily converted to a number of styles to suit your need. You can change it from a wheelbarrow to yard cart, bag holder, dolly, extended dolly, cylinder carrier, rock/plant mover and trailer tote. Yup, you can do a lot of things with it too.

It has a pair of fold-out extension arms. With the help of these arms, you can carry flower pots, small trees, and oversized items. Plus, it has cylinder holder, bag holder and a strap and mesh for moving and carrying plants and rocks respectively.

The wheels are among the features which easily make WORX Aerocart the best wheelbarrow ever. This two-wheeled cart is manufactured with a patented design. This design lets the wheelbarrow to adjust the center of gravity.

As a result, no matter what you are using it for, the wheelbarrow will remain balanced for easy maneuver. And to top it off, it has flat free wheelbarrow tires, which means they will not require inflating or any maintenance for that matter.

WORX Aerocart is fully made of steel. This means, even it regular use it will not falter and keep on delivering durability. This multifunction wheelbarrow weighs only around 48.8 pounds. It can carry items weighing 200 pounds or above.

This little tool has a volume capacity of 3 Cubic Feet (approximately). Moreover, this makes carrying heavy things an easy job. It has a Turbo Lift Design. Owing to this design, a 200-pound wheelbarrow load feel will feel like only 17 pounds. As a result, you can carry huge loads but don’t have to feel any strain due to that.


  • A multipurpose tool that can help in various aspects.
  • You can lift up to 300lbs of load with this thing.
  • It is basically 8 things packed in one.
  • The tires don’t deflate ever.
  • This wheelbarrow has a bag holder to keep your hands free for comfort.
  • This lightweight wheelbarrow is easy to assemble.


  • I am not too happy with the paint, it comes off easily.
  • Compared to others, the capacity for this wheelbarrow is low.
  • You’ll find it hard to get it around narrow corners.

2. Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart with 2-In-1 Convertible Handle

The Gorilla Carts GOR866D is the next entry on my list. It a heavy duty wheelbarrow that makes your job smooth, easy and comfortable. Though simple in design, it can easily be one of the top wheelbarrows. The bed is designed to deliver durability. It is constructed of high strength poly combined with a steel frame. It has a black finish.

The dimensions of the bed are 40 inches (length), 25 inches (width) and 10.75 inches (height). This allows you to carry big loads and huge items in a single turn. Plus, this garden poly dump cart is rust resistance which helps it to last a long time. Also, this spares you the trouble of maintenance and cleaning.

Along with a big cart, the Gorilla GOR866D has a big hauling capacity. This wheelbarrow has a maximum hauling capacity of 1,200 Pounds. So, you get the liberty to carry heavy dirt, gravel or plants.

It does not only make carrying heavy things easy but also makes dumping them an easy business. It is manufactured with a patented Quick Release Dump design. This allows you to unload heavy commodities with minimum effort and in a short time.

After the cart and its capacity, let’s focus on the wheels. The Gorilla wheelbarrow has two pairs of 13-inch Pneumatic Turf Tires. This kind of wheelbarrow tires allows the cart to move easily over all types of terrain, regardless of the weight, it is bearing.

And finally, the 2 in 1 convertible handle makes the job way easier. The pull handle has a patented D-shaped design with padding which makes hauling the cart effortless. And if you want, you can lower the handle and hook it up it a lawn tractor of ATV.


  • It has a huge load capacity of 1200 pounds.
  • 13-inch tires grant you greater control and easy maneuverability over narrow corners.
  • Comes with a convertible handle. You can tow it using tractors or other vehicles.
  • It is a multipurpose piece of equipment.
  • You can dump or transfer objects easily.


  • Assembly is a bit time consuming.
  • Sometimes it moves even when you don’t want it to.

3. Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart – Green

The Marathon Yard Rover satisfies the wheelbarrow definition of easy maneuver and great service. This is a green dual wheel residential wheelbarrow. Besides green, there are two more options – Pink and Ladybug.

The two wheels are air-filled and so they don’t add much to the overall weight of the wheelbarrow. Plus, the wheels are flat free, reducing the additional labor of maintenance.

Marathon offers you a cheap wheelbarrow with many useful features. This yard rover weighs only 29 pounds, which is 25% lighter than a typical wheelbarrow. The cart tray has a volume capacity of 5 cubic feet and can carry up to 300 pounds of weight. The dimensions are as follows: Length 36 inch and Width 27.5 inch. The tray is made of poly and ensured to be rust resistant.

This residential wheelbarrow is built with a cushion-grip loop handle. The handle lets you move about the carrier effortlessly. It also makes dumping the contents swift and simple. Moreover, the loop design of the handle makes it easy to hang the wheelbarrow on the wall of your garage or any place you chose to store it.

This Marathon Yard Rover is the best wheelbarrow you can purchase with a limited budget. Along with its other features, it is also very easy to assemble. You will only require a crescent wrench and a flathead screwdriver. You can set up the wheelbarrow within minutes and without losing any sweat. It is a great choice for your everyday residential use and gardening.


  • This wheelbarrow is lightweight for your convenience.
  • The materials are sturdy and durable during the course of the long use.
  • You can use this wheelbarrow in more ways than one.
  • People can carry a huge load using this thing.


  • It is tricky to assemble.
  • Initially, you’ll find the bearings tough to maneuver.


4. Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow with Front Braces

Jackson Wheelbarrows have a lot to offer, that even if it is not within your budget you would surely think about buying it. Their M6T22 is one of the best contractor wheelbarrows in today’s date. Meaning, it is fit to be used at a construction site.

This thing has an H-Brace that is paired with steel cross strips. This brace is made of high-quality wood, which is durable and long lasting. This H-shaped brace provides additional sturdiness to the commodity.

The H brace is connected with the single front wheel. A 16-inch tube tire has been used here. Tube tires are better in many ways. Since the tube is placed inside the external tire, it remains safe and retains its air volume. This type of tires requires almost no maintenance and last a long time. They retain the content air pressure efficiently.

This wheelbarrow has a carriage tray that is made of heavy gauge steel with seamless construction. The braces are set in front of the tray. These braces make the wheelbarrow stable and easy to maneuver. It has a volume capacity of 6 cubic feet. The simple design of the tray allows you to load with maximum items, with varying sizes. Regardless of the weight of the items, the wheelbarrow will not break down.


  • You can assemble it quickly, in half an hour.
  • With the rust proofing and sturdy structure, it is the best wheelbarrow for concrete.
  • It can easily the ideal wheelbarrow for concrete related towing.
  • Not to mention, you can use it for your house too.


  • You’ll need to inflate the tires regularly for the job.
  • Instruction manual could have been clearer than what it is.
  • You won’t find any solid tray or handle protection with this wheelbarrow.

5. Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow

The Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow is the best wheelbarrow designed for kids. Although it is made for kids, it is fully functional. It has all the features of a basic wheelbarrow. Since it is made for kids, safety insurance is of pivotal importance.

The tray is made of steel and has a seamless finish. It is then designed to have no-scratch edges. The edges of the tray are smooth and will not cause any kind of harm to the kids, even though it is made of steel. This Radio flyer wheelbarrow has a bright color just like the kids’ bright and beaming playfulness.

This wheelbarrow is extremely lightweight – only about 6 pounds. This is very helpful for the kids. The cart can carry up to 25 pounds of weight, which is more than enough. The red colored tray has a steel undercarriage. The primary function of this undercarriage is to make the thing durable and strong. Plus, it also provides stability which allows the kids to use the device effortlessly.

This is a low-cost option that every kid will love to play with. Although it is meant to be a toy, it has got a very promising look. To help with maneuvering the wheelbarrow, Radio Flyer has incorporated actual wooden handles. These handles not only provide an authentic look to it but are also durable.

When it comes to the wheel, a molded tire has been used. This is a solid wheel and so does not require even the minimum trouble of maintenance. And also this makes the wheel durable against any hazard the kids can decide to bring upon it.


This thing doesn’t have scratch edges.

This wheelbarrow is safe for kids to use.

The wheels are easy to roll.

Budget-friendly option for a wheelbarrow.

You have steel undercarriage for reinforcement.


Wheel is made of plastic and has longevity issue.

Sometimes people do face issues with screws.

6. Ames True Temper 8 Cubic Foot Poly Tray Dual Wheel Contractor Wheelbarrow BP8

The contractor wheelbarrows are specially designed for contractors for their easy and effortless usage required by them. This wheelbarrow style follows the use of a brace, which it strong and sturdy. The yellow tray of this Ames True Temper wheelbarrow is made of heavy duty poly.

The material is corrosion proof and also very easy to clean. As a result, there is little to worry about maintaining it. It has a volume capacity of 8 cubic feet. That is, it can hold large sized items easily. The dimensions of the wheelbarrow are: Length is 60 inch, Width is 7.5 inch and Height is 34.5 inch. The whole thing weighs only 50 pounds.

This contractor wheelbarrow has a heavy duty construction. In building the carriage three braces have been used. The first one is in the front, right below the tray and adjacent to the wheels. Then there are steel cross braces and an H-shaped brace in the back.

And along with them, steel shoes are added to the wheelbarrow which helps you to ensure stability and reliability when using this Ames True Temper product.

The remaining two features of this wheelbarrow are the wheels and the handles. It is a dual wheel wheelbarrow and two 16-inch by 4-inch pneumatic tires are used. Pneumatic tires are best because they have an inner core filled with pressurized air covered with a tread – making them immune to damage.

The handles are made of hardwood, which is durable and long lasting even with regular use. Hardwood, though being wood, can stand against sun and rain without compromise.


The wheels roll on all types of terrains.

This thing is really well made.

Manufacturers used poly to make it rustproof.

Pneumatic tires don’t get damaged often.


The tires will need frequent refilling.

People will have to run regular maintenance.

7. Polar Trailer 8449 7 Cubic Feet Heavy-Duty Cub Cart

The Polar Trailer 8449 7 is a black Cub Cart. It is designed to deliver optimum balance which makes hauling a loaded wheelbarrow over any surface easy. It weighs only 35 pounds but can do a great deal of labor.

This wheelbarrow has a load volume capacity of 7 cubic feet and a load weight capacity of 400 pounds. That is, with the help of this Cub Cart you can carry a huge number of things, from gravel to fire woods. The carriage tray is manufactured with polyethylene. This is a high impact material, which can withstand rough use.

This Polar 8449 7 has a loop handle made of steel. This handle makes hauling the wheelbarrow easy. This is mainly due to the fact that the loop shape allows you to use both hands comfortably. Plus, it also provides maximum are to exert force.

Two wide-rugged wide-track rubber tires are used as the wheels. These wheelbarrow tires have the dimensions of 16 inches by 4.8 inches. They have shielded ball bearings that keep the tires moving swiftly.

These rubber tires can move easily over all types of terrains. And so you can use the wheelbarrow almost anywhere. The design of the wheelbarrow lets you unload it without much effort. It has an overall dimension of 50 inches (length), 28 inches (width) and 29 inches (height). After it is delivered to your door, it will take very little time to assemble the Polar Track Wheelbarrow.


  • Quick Release Dump feature works really well when you decide to quickly get on with the tasks.
  • Poly finish allows you to have a rustproof cart.
  • Kids can use this cart without any problems.
  • It has an excellent radius when it turns.
  • Maneuvering this little thing is quite easy.


  • At times, you’ll feel it is tedious to assemble.
  • This tool isn’t made for heavy gardening.

8. True Temper KPWB10 Real Tools for Kids Lil’ Wheelbarrow with Poly Tray

Have been reading wheelbarrow reviews in order to find a suitable one for your children? If you have not found one yet, have a look at the True Temper KPWB10 Wheelbarrow. This can be the best wheelbarrow for your kid.

It is a red colored wheelbarrow with the dimensions of 33-inch (length), 17-inch (width) and 15.7-inch (height). Kids love bright colors and the size is suitable for them. It is very lightweight. The KPWB10 weighs only 8 pounds.

This wheelbarrow gives your children the feeling of the wheelbarrows older people use. So, they will be very content with the product. The tray is made of poly, which is a durable building material. Plus, it is corrosion proof and so it will withstand both sun and rain.

The True Temper KPWB10 uses sealed hardwood as handles, which are 31-inch each. Hardwood is as reliable as steel. It gives the wheelbarrow an authentic look. It has sturdy steel legs that let the kids safely position the wheelbarrow over a rough surface. And so there is no risk of accidents. Plus, there are front braces and steel cross braces to ensure all round security.

This wheelbarrow comes with a single solid rubber tire, which is paired with steel axle and ball bearings. Being solid, the wheelbarrow tires require no maintenance and can last a long time.


  • Despite being a wheelbarrow for kids, it is a great product.
  • Kids can quickly get their heads around it.
  • This thing is easy for anyone to use and maintain.
  • KPWB10 is surprisingly durable.


  • So far I didn’t come across negatives of this product.

9. Seymour WB-JR Poly Tray Lightweight Children’s Size Wheelbarrow

The Seymour WB-JR is a cheap wheelbarrow designed for children. Since it is for the kids, it was pivotal that the wheelbarrow will withstand rough usage. It has the construction similar to that of the ones used by elders. This red colored wheelbarrow has front tray braces over the wheel that keeps it stable.

Along with that, this thing has steel legs which are strong and reliable. With the help of the legs, the wheelbarrow can be placed securely almost over any kind of surface. Plus, there are steel cross braces that, along with the other features, make the wheelbarrow safe and secure for kids to play with.

A single solid rubber tire with steel axle and ball bearings is installed in the front of the Seymour wheelbarrow. The axle and the bearings ensure that the wheel is working properly and securely. The tire, being solid rubber, is sure to last a long time without compromise and would require no maintenance at all.

The overall dimensions of the WB-JR Wheelbarrow are 24-inch (Length), 17-inch (Width), 9-inch (Height). The whole thing weighs only about 7.5 pounds and so children can easily move it about. The tray is made of high-density poly, which is light but sturdy.

The material of the tray is corrosion proof, and so there is no risk of involuntary damage. And lastly, the handles are just as durable as the whole wheelbarrow. They are made of hardwood, which along with durability provides the wheelbarrow with an authentic look.


  • Withstands all the torments your kids can through at this wheelbarrow.
  • The tray it comes with is resistant to corrosion.
  • The rubber tires are solid and roll easily on any terrain.
  • It has front tray braces to ensure stability.
  • Hardwood handles will serve you better and longer.


  • Do expect the color to fade after a while.
  • It is not particularly useful for heavyweight jobs.

10. Janod Metal Wheelbarrow with 1 Shovel and 1 Rake

The Janod Metal Wheelbarrow is designed for kids from age 3 years and above. Now, this may look like a toy, but it is a fully functional wheelbarrow designed in France for the ankle biters. This wheelbarrow can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is super lightweight. Janod weighs only 1.1 pounds and so the kids can easily carry it anywhere they want.

Its construction is very similar to the bigger wheelbarrows. It has a tray made of poly. The edges are smoothed to make sure the kids don’t come to any harm. Under the tray, there is a set of steel legs. These legs help the kids to place the wheelbarrow securely over rough surfaces.

And then there is the wheel. It is a solid rubber tire. And so it is very durable and requires no taking care of. The handles are a combination of metal and wood. The most part of the handles is a hollow metal tube. And on the end which the kids would hold, wood grips are attached.

This Janod Wheelbarrow for kids comes with one shovel and one rake. Both the shovel and the rake are in a proportion with the wheelbarrow. When you first receive the wheelbarrow, it would come in a box. It requires very little effort and time to assemble this cart.


Lightweight tool, perfect for kids to use.

This tool has smooth edges to keep your kid safe.

The handles have wooden grips and “Hollow” metal construction for comfort and durability.

A shovel and a rake make this a complete package for your little one to use.


It is a toy wheelbarrow and should not be used for heavyweight gardening assignments.

How to Find the Best Wheelbarrows for Different Uses and Applications?

This is a tough business. These things come by the thousands and selecting the quote unquote ideal one is tricky. You must decide what you are using it for? The type you want to buy and who’s going to be using the cart when considering the factors. Let me break these factors down one by one so that you can have a better understanding.
Filter the Type

It is important to know what type of a cart or wheelbarrow you are looking for. There are quite a few of them out there. Not all of them are equal. For example, there are carts which go well with adults. You can carry a considerable load which includes gardening debris as well.

Some of these tools are only fit to move stuff around. No heavy lifting or towing. These carts can move gardening equipment only. Then there are others that are suited for heavy duty work such as towing construction equipment around. Usually, these concrete wheelbarrows as I call them, are pricey.
Then there are carts suitable for kids. Keeping kids around while gardening is fun. They also want to engage in the hobby. But the regular wheelbarrows will prove too much for the kids. The option for you would be to buy plastic carts for them.

Look at What It is Made of?

This thing is true for almost all the tools that you buy. You need to look at the materials it uses. In the case of these carts, you generally want a steel reinforced product that can withstand the long haul you put it through.

If you are buying one for the kids, make sure to buy one that uses a lightweight material for the making. Poly would be great. Kids can move the wheelbarrow to any place they like and with minimum effort. Grown-ups, on the other hand, need sturdy ones that can carry considerable loads.
Please note that wheelbarrows with steel trays can be loud when compared to the ones that use plastic or hardwood.

Handle is Important

When people are buying wheelbarrows, it is safe to assume that they will use the tool for a long time during the day. Whether it be for gardening or for construction work, these tools put a lot of strain on your hands. You’ll do well to inspect the handlebar and buy a cart that has a comfortable handle.
My personal recommendation would be to go for a wooden handlebar. Wood is gentle on hands and it doesn’t make you tired after hauling the load for a long time. Wooden and plastic handles are both great for the kids’ wheelbarrow as they have sensitive palms.

Check on the Wheels

Wheels are a big part of these carts. People should decide the number of wheels they want for the wheelbarrow. The Top Rated Wheelbarrows have three to four wheels to balance the tool while rolling on the ground.

You need to shortlist the carts according to how good each wheel tread is. Also, try and purchase those with big wheels. That is if you want just one or two wheels for your cart. Big wheels cover more ground and they are more important when you are looking to cover more ground with less work.
Big wheels also help to distribute the weight of the tool and the goods you are carrying equally. People who have a bad back are more in need of the feature than anyone else!

Sorting out the Tire Tubes

You need to sort out whether you want inflatable and non-inflatable tires. The non-inflatable tires don’t need frequent maintenance. You don’t need to pump air in every few days.
Then you have the inflatable tubes that go between the tire and the rim. These are called Pneumatic Tires. Inflatable ones give you a better performance on any terrain.
There are wheelbarrows that have air pockets inside the tires. These are called Semi-Pneumatic tires. These are not completely airless. The air pockets allow these things to be shock absorbent. You don’t need to inflate these pockets. If these things go bad, just replace them.

How Well Can You Maneuver the Wheelbarrow?

You need to have a check on the wheelbarrow you buy for maneuverability. Some of us do gardening and stuff on flat terrain. Others have a bumpy surface to contend with. It is very natural to live in a neighborhood which has hilly slopes. That is why you need to buy one that you can move around without getting stuck or overworking yourselves.
It is always a best practice to test the product by walking with it on a straight line. Then go for the zigzag pattern to see how well it moves around. It should be easy on your hands and should get off the blocks easily. If you are purchasing this thing online, make sure to read Best Wheelbarrow Reviews and customer experiences to find out which product delivers the most when it comes to maneuverability.

Can you Store It Somewhere After You are Done with It?

When you are living in a short-ish apartment, space becomes an issue. You need to use every ounce of free space you can use. It will be great if you can buy the carts that fold to grant you some extra room. People can store them anywhere they like.

Basically, products like these are lightweight and cheap so you can afford them. These are useful for around the house jobs and a light bit of gardening.
Check the Warranty Carefully

When you are buying carts or wheelbarrows, you are potentially making a long-term investment. You want these things to stay with you for years. But accidents do happen.

It is very natural for a product such as this to break or malfunction. So, look closely for warranty information and damage coverage. Also, do read the “Return Policies” for the product of your choice. You’ll be able to know when are you eligible to get a new product if the current one breaks down or stops functioning. The Top 10 Wheelbarrows: My Recommendation

After we are done with my advice for you on how to purchase the carts, let us focus on few of my recommendations that I think will serve your needs. These are some of the best ones around that you can choose.

Parting Words

We see different types of Wheelbarrows when surfing the internet and in the regular brick and mortar stores. One must remember that not all products are suitable for all types of jobs you throw at them. There are special types of wheel barrows dedicated to specific tasks.

Best Wheelbarrow for you might be a different brand than that of your neighbor. Also, these products don’t come with “All the features” you’d want. You need set priorities and pick and choose which things you want.

The Wheelbarrow price will differ based on your choice too. You can research on the internet for the perfect brand. Or, do take the easier route and select one from the brands I discussed in this post. You won’t be disappointed.