Janod Metal Wheelbarrow Review

If you want your kids to take up gardening, you need to have proper tools that inspire and make it easy for them. A wheelbarrow for your children is a good start. A quality wheelbarrow grants your child the ease of carrying things around in a garden. It also grants him safety while doing so. If you are trying to find the ideal one that balances between safety and capacity, Janod Metal Wheelbarrow with 1 Shovel and 1 Rake Review will tell you why this cart is making the news. Let us go over some of the features and benefits that this one has.

Safe for Toddlers

Being a parent, our child’s safety is of prior importance. Although I had known about the wheelbarrow beforehand, I only decided to buy it when I was sure it will be safe. Material-wise, Janod has used everything safe. The metal tray, the rubber tire and the steel legs and handles – everything is safe for the children.

Moreover, the rear steel legs play a very definite role. They help to place the wheelbarrow almost anywhere. The legs support and balance the wheelbarrow efficiently. And so, no matter what the kids put on it, the Janod wheelbarrow will not topple. But the cart has its limits to how much weight it can carry. The legs don’t have any sharp edges.

Take it anywhere You Like

The Janod Metal Wheelbarrow is designed in France. Maybe that’s why it has a touch of elegance to it. Or, maybe I am exaggerating. The point is the wheelbarrow, though being made for kids, is fully functional. The kids can take it to their worldly adventures.

The tire uses molded solid rubber. It has a rigged surface that creates all the necessary friction to keep the wheelbarrow moving efficiently. And so whether it is concrete, mud, gravel or sand, the kids can effortlessly haul the wheelbarrow. They would never need to miss any fun.

Durable Construction Keeps It Usable for Years

As the name suggests, the whole of the Janod wheelbarrow is made of metal, except the wheel and the handle grips. The bright colored tray is fully made of metal. It has no-scratch edges and so the kids are safe from harm. Same is for the steel legs.

In manufacturing the handles, Janod has used hollow metal tubes. The reason is to provide strong and reliable handles, without adding extra weight. And to ensure comfortable gripping, the tubes are attached with polished and varnished wooden handle grips. The circumference is suitable for the kids and so they can easily carry the thing around.

The pros are listed here

Super lightweight; perfect for toddlers.
Hollow metal tube handles with wooden grips make hauling the wheelbarrow easy and swift.
It is small but fully functional.

Ample space in the tray; it can hold all the things kids would want to carry.
Steel angular legs help to place the wheelbarrow safely over an uneven surface; no risk of toppling aside.
Molded solid rubber wheel is durable against rough surfaces; rigged surface of the wheel creates necessary friction.
One Hand Spade and one Rake included in the box.
Easy to assemble; takes a little time.

The cons

You cannot carry a huge load on the cart
It is a fairly pricey item, in contrast to the product itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the following section, let’s try to find the answers to few of the questions that nag us when it comes to hauler for kids.

How good are the rake and the shovel?

These two are very good considering their size. They are small gardening equipment. You won’t find long handles like the traditional ones. Yet, they do the job and help your kids in their gardening adventures.

What is the size of the tire?

It is roughly 5.1 inches in diameter. It is solid rubber. You can’t inflate it like the conventional wheelbarrows.

Can a 5-year-old kid use it?

I’ve seen a six-year-old use the cart. At the same time, the younger kids may struggle. It depends on the size of your child and how comfortable he/she is with this product.

Final Words

Whether it is genetics or the wheelbarrows, my kids seemed to be more interested in gardening and outdoor activities now. I have prepared a mini garden for them on one side of my original garden and both the boys seemed to take good care of them, although they are just toddlers. If you are okay with the cost, I would suggest you get one for your kid today. If not gardening, as the Janod Metal Wheelbarrow with 1 Shovel and 1 Rake Review suggests, it will prove to be a great playmate.


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