Marathon Dual Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart – Green Review

I like simplistic designs, especially those which in spite of being simple to deliver great service. For instance, the Marathon Residential Yard Rover. I bought this for my backyard and other miscellaneous jobs. I need to use it almost daily. It is easy to use and also as easy to store. Read this Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart Review of mine and you will get to know more about it.

Helpful Tires For Residential Yard Rover

The green Marathon Yard Rover Wheelbarrow is designed with two moderately sized tires. The tires are air filled and so they are light in spite of being so big. The tires don’t add extra weight to the whole thing. In fact, they being air filled helps to lift, move and balance the wheelbarrow easily. This Dual Wheel Yard Rover weighs only 29 pounds and so it can be used by older children and elderly people too.

5 Cubic Feet Cart

The cart is rust resistance. It is made of high-quality poly and it is very much durable. And since it is rust resistance, the wheelbarrow cart does not require any maintenance and is easy to clean.
The cart has a volume capacity of 5 Cubic Feet. Its dimensions are – Length 36 inch and Width 27.5 inch. The Marathon wheelbarrow has a load capacity of 300 pounds. That is, altogether you can do a great deal of hauling with this wheelbarrow.

Takes only 2 Minutes to Put Together

I call this Marathon Yard Rover simple for many reasons. One of the prominent features is its assembly process. After receiving it in a box, you would need only about 2 minutes, give or take, to set the whole thing up. You will require two things only– a crescent wrench and a flathead screwdriver.

Easy to Grip the Handle

The handle is in the shape of a loop and is padded to make using the wheelbarrow comfortable and effortless. The padding helps to absorb sweat and prevents slipping the wheelbarrow out of your hand. And the loop design provides the maximum area to hold and exert force without any discomfort.
Store Away Conveniently After You are Done

Normally wheelbarrows take a lot of space. My previous wheelbarrow took a lot of space and I have a small garage. It was a headache. But storing the Marathon Wheelbarrow is a matter of seconds. I use the loop handle to hang the wheelbarrow in my garage. It is light and so lifting it up is no fuss. I am now able to store a lot of things in there as it saves me some room.

Marathon List of Pros

Great wheelbarrow at a low price
Easy to use and easy to store
Padded loop handle for comfort and maximum gripping area
Weight capacity is 300 pounds and itself weighs only 29 pounds
The cart has a volume capacity of 5 Cubic Feet and so it is big enough to carry firewood, gravel etc.
The cart is rust resistant and so requires hardly any maintenance
Two air filled wheels make the wheelbarrow easy to maneuver
You will only need a crescent wrench and a flathead screwdriver to assemble the wheelbarrow

Marathon has some drawbacks

– It is good for lightweight jobs only. It can’t hold too much weight very well.

FAQ for the Product

For those of you who have nagging questions in your mind about the product, I’ve answered few of them in the following section of my review.

Which tire brand to go for if I have a tire problem?

Marathon didn’t give me any problems regarding the tires. If you have some kind of a tire problem, Harbor Fright is the brand I’d suggest to check out.

How high are the handles from the ground?

I’d say the handles are about 26-inch high from the ground.

What is it made of?

Manufacturers used plastic to make this product.

Parting Words

I would recommend this Marathon Dual Wheel Yard Rover if you need it simple day to day business. Like I said, it is not meant for heavy loads but other than that it is a superb wheelbarrow in my opinion.
I did my best to highlight few of the features that make this one of the top wheelbarrows in my opinion.
I hope this Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart Review will help you choose if you are already in a dilemma.


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