Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow Review

Of all the kids I have seen with a wheelbarrow, my kid possibly likes her best. For her 6th birthday, I got her one from the Radio Flyer brand and she loves it! One of the amazing things about this product is that it looks just like the ones we use. It has wooden handles and is built in the design of a professional one. I believe every parent should think about getting their kids such as this thing. Read this Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow Review to know things that I found interesting in this cart.

Seamless and Safe For Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow

Being made for kids, one of the pivotal points of importance should be safety. I can attest that Radio Flyer has taken care of that very well. The whole tray is made of steel. This construction surely promises long-term usability but also poses a risk.

Steel items normally tend to have edges. But this Radio Flyer wheelbarrow has a tray with “No-scratch” edges. This gives you the insurance that your child will not get any harm when playing/using with it.

Hardwood Handles

Back in the days, wheelbarrows had wooden handles that helped to haul them around. Today, you can find these use wooden arms in construction and that gives a vintage look to it. Turns out, my daughter also has a taste for vintage.

The wooden handles are made of hardwood. It is a type of seasoned wood that is less prone to damage. She says she is happy that I didn’t get her one that has steel handles.

Professional Look

The wooden handles already do give it a vintage look. However, the main single wheel design has a lot more to say. If you have seen contractors, they use wheelbarrows of a particular design. This Radio Flyer wheelbarrow looks the real deal in terms of design. And this what, in my opinion, makes the hauler for kids look authentic and professional.

Molded Wheels

Radio Flyer has also been caring about the wheel. The manufacturers have used a molded wheel that ensures you of its durability and long lasting use. Being molded, it has no chance of getting deflated (if you know what I mean). And so requires no extra care.

Moreover, the kids’ product has a load capacity of 25 pounds. The molded wheel can perfectly endure the weight. And as it rolls very easily, hauling the wheelbarrow is also comfortable.

Easy to Place Anywhere You Like

The real wheelbarrows use a pair of legs in the back that let you position it over a rough surface. Likewise, the Radio Flyer wheelbarrow has steel undercarriage that provides two important functions.

Firstly, it lets the kids position the thing safely over any rough surface. As a result, there is no risk of the wheelbarrow to topple. Secondly, the undercarriage gives it strength and durability. It reduces impact and keeps the wheelbarrow away from perpetual damage.

Good sides of Radio Flyer

It is red in color and most children love bright colors.
The steel tray poses no risk of cuts, as it has “No-scratch” edges.
Hardwood handles make it look classy; they are very much durable in all weather conditions.
Contractor wheelbarrow-like appearance makes it look professional.
Molded wheel can easily carry the weight; requires no maintenance.
The wheel can easily roll over any surface.
Steel undercarriage helps to position the wheelbarrow safely.
It also gives the wheelbarrow strength and longevity.
It is made for kids, but it is fully functional.

The cons

No complaints so far.

FAQ For the Product

I understand people might have questions when buying a product for kids. Let’s answer few of these to clear the fog.

Any age limits for kids that will be handling this cart?

I’d say it is heavy for kids under three years to haul goods. Taller children will feel comfortable using this item.

Do you need to assemble the whole thing?

Yes, the product requires some assembly before you can use it. You’d need a “Flat Head” screwdriver and a wrench.

Final Verdict

I really wish they had made one when I was a kid. Really, this is how I felt when I first saw my daughter playing with it. If your kids ask for a wheelbarrow, get them this. If you think they are interested in gardening or they simply like to carry things around for games, get them this. I believe you will love the Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow as much as your kid’s will. Trust me.


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