Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow with Front Braces Review

Contractor wheelbarrows, as the name suggests, are specially designed for contractors. And I always liked their designs and how swiftly they work. That’s why I went for the Jackson M6T22 for my own working site. This has a 6 Cubic Feet tray and a sturdy build. I will tell you more about it in this Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow with Front Braces Review.

The Overall Construction for These Things

The contractor wheelbarrows are designed with a minimalistic face but with a great deal of ingenuity hidden behind that face. Generally, In making these types of carts, a single wheel is used with two arms extending backward. The arms are attached to the wheel directly, which helps in easy maneuverability.

A number of braces are used to make the wheelbarrow sturdy. In the case of the Jackson Wheelbarrow, front braces, steel cross strips, and an H-brace are used. H-braces are a very common which you can even find in fences. The benefit of this type of brace is that it uses less material to form a strong structure.

16-Inch Tubes Protect the Tires

If the wheelbarrow is of professional quality, so the tires should be too. A 16-inch tubed tire has been used to build the M6T22. Such type of tires has an inner tube that uses air pressure. The tubes retain air pressure perfectly thanks to the quality material.

As a result, the tires don’t deflate that easily. And since the tire does not get deflated, you need not spend a penny to change it. It is indeed a money saver in this regard.

Wooden Handles Make Gripping Easy

Just surf the internet for these concrete haulers, you will see most of them have wooden handles. That is, wooden handles have a vintage feel to it. And I like vintage. The wooden handles of the Jackson M6T22 are made of hardwood. Hardwoods are seasoned woods that do not break very easily.

The wooden handles are attached directly to the wheel with the help of the front braces. This is a great help when steering the wheelbarrow in your garden. Plus, it has a pair of steel legs with shoes. These legs help you position the wheelbarrow over uneven ground. And the shoes keep the legs safe from damage.

6 Cubic Feet Capacity

The tray of the Jackson M6T22 is made of stainless steel and then painted blue. If I must comment on the paint job, it is pretty durable. The heavy duty steel construction makes it immune to wear and tear.

The tray has a volume capacity of 6, Cubic Feet. For residential uses, 6 Cubic Feet is really huge. It has a load capacity of about 500 pounds. That is to say, you can haul a lot of stuff with the help of this wheelbarrow.

Pros of the Jackson M6T22

6 Cubic Feet volume capacity with about 500 pounds load capacity.

The tray is made of heavy duty steel and painted blue – both the steel and paint are durable and long lasting.

Specifically made for concrete hauling and construction uses.

This product uses hardwood handles that give it a vintage look.

Front braces, H-brace, and steel cross strips make the wheelbarrow sturdy.

Steel leg with shoes for properly positioning the wheelbarrow over an uneven surface.

16-inch tubed tire – requires no maintenance.

The Cons of This Product

–    The only thing is, Jackson M6T22 is heavy as it is a contractor wheelbarrow.

What Should I use to pump air into the tires?

You can use a bicycle pump for the job.

Is it a lightweight wheelbarrow?

Yes. It weighs only 20 pounds.

How difficult is the assembly process?

It is not all that difficult. Yet, you need to handle the nuts and bolts. It’ll be best if you have a helping hand around.

Parting Words

There are two reasons why I would say Jackson M6T22 Wheelbarrow could easily be the best thing for your construction work. Firstly, it is built with a pro-type design.

Secondly, it has a vintage look (hardwood handles). Putting aside the other features, if these two alone attracts you, you should buy it today.

One thing I forgot to mention in my Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic Foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow with Front Braces Review is that it is moderately costly. But the money will be worth it. Especially, when you look at the features, it is a win-win situation.


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